Conversations With Nick Cave @ BOZAR Brussels

Nick Cave has been on a EUROPE & UK tour. This time is not simple concerts but on-stage conversation events, where any fans can ask Nick any questions and have a small conversation with him. Nick also plays several songs in between the conversations. Yesterday in BOZAR was his last performance of this whole tour, I’m happy to attend it.

The event was more than 3 hours, but the whole night went pretty fast, some people really didn’t limit their question, some even asked Nick about his son’s death, some was telling some weird story about seeing Jesus etc. Nick is nice and honest trying to answer all the questions and played quite a few songs.

entrance of BOZAR, it’s a popular fine art museum, but the only few times I visit it were either concert or party events.
my outfit
lucky people who got seats on stage
<3 the card
answering questions
I need a better phone for non-blurry selfie!