Kuza cave and Culture center near Jambiani, Zanzibar

In one of my vlogs in Zanzibar, I went to a local culture center where they cook local food and teach local dances. It’s also where the Kuza cave is.

After swimming in the cave for a while, I stayed for dinner and enjoyed local culture there.

Road to the cave

How the culture center looks like, not that much.

This girl is from Venezuela, she can dance as well as locals, very talented, I can’t learn so fast ^^

Kuza cave, most tourists come for the cave. Water was so cold though, and there’re some harmless bugs, still fun.


Green selfie

Food was great, fish and vegetables.

They did some performance after dinner too.

As I mentioned in my vlog post,

It was fun, well, maybe not as fun as if you visit the village and tribe and to see the dances in their real life, instead of in a culture center, but not too bad.

They currently raised the entrance fee from 10000 (~ 4 euro) to 20000 shillings, the cave was really blue and beautiful (I wish I had waterproof camera with me so that I can show you under the water too), you can snorkeling to see how the shape of stones underneath the water is, there’s a diving route too.

Dinner wasn’t bad either, although for 20,000 shillings you can get something even better stuff in Jambiani village.They offer lodges too, not so expensive ones, around 20$ per night, in general the culture center seems OK, not too bad.That was my experience, you can check out my vlog and figure out if you want to go when you come to Zanzibar.