Timisoara in Transylvania, Romania

Timisoara is a colorful and vivid city in Western Romania. It has a history of over 1000 years and the city has the perfect combination of traditional and modern culture. It’s also Romania’s famous university city, making this little city vivid and energetic, featuring a buzzing nightlife.

When I was in Timisoara, people told me it’s often referred as Little Vienna because its beautiful architectures and art activities. Back then I was not that interested in museums and art galleries. But I did notice there were a lot of amazing architectures with different styles: Baroque, Roman Catholic, Serbian Orthodox cathedrals. etc.

I visited Timisoara as part of my Balkan trip and it turned out to be one of my favorite cities in Eastern Europe. Today I take my dear Steemit friends to this beautiful Romanian city.

今天我要带你们去罗马尼亚西部城市 – 蒂米什拉看看。这是一座有着千年历史的古老城市。在城市中既能看到传统的建筑,又有着很多摩登的文化。蒂米什拉同时也是个有名的大学城,年轻的大学生为这里添加了很多年轻的血液和活力。对了,这里的夜生活很出名。


I took a slow train from Belgrade to Timisoara. In recently years, Tiramisu started to promote its tourism by adding many flights connections. You can now easily fly from many European cities to there.


One of the Orthodox churches in town.

Timişoara’s Orthodox Cathedral is no doubt the symbol of the city. It was one of the most impressive Orthodox Cathedrals I have seen, even if I am not an architect or artist. It’s so rich in details and great to look at from any angles. I learned from the official guidebook that it’s “Neo-Moldavian styled, based on Romanian Orthodox, with the late Renaissance, Ottoman, and Byzantine architecture elements”. Interesting, isn’t it?

这座蒂米什拉东正教大教堂可谓是城市的代表。这也是我在东南欧见 的众多东正教教堂非常惊艳的一座,从每个角度看都很美。从一本旅游手册上我也学到了这是一座新摩尔多瓦风格,基于罗马尼亚东正教的,集合了文艺复兴后期,奥特曼和拜占庭建筑特色为一体的大师之作。

I loved its pedestrian-only downtown. It was clean, with great monumental buildings, and not overcrowded.

There’re three amazing squares in town and they are called: Union, Liberty and Victory. The 3 squares are connected together, it’s nice to take a stroll in the pedestrian area’s from one to another. There’re lots of flowers, fountains and coffee places in between the squares for tourists and locals to take a rest.


Ciorba de Perisoare, a traditional Romanian soup with sour cream and meatballs.

When I was there, it was around Easter. It was interesting to see how Eastern European treat Easter differently than Belgians. Here in Belgium, people would eat chocolate eggs and chocolate hares. But in Eastern Europe, they eat colorful boiled eggs. Also I noticed handcrafted and knitted Easter eggs are popular too. They even put those in the trees.


Spotted some street arts.

Beside the colorful squares and self-expressive street arts, Timisoara is also known as City of Parks and Flowers. The first park was created mid 19th century and now the park coverage of the city is massive. Especially along the banks of Bega Rover, you will find extended green spaces. It was wonderful to take a walk along the river on a sunny spring day.