Sighișoara, Transylvania. The birthplace of Dracula

I love Romania, especially Transylvania area. Its forested valleys and Gothic castles are forever embedded in people’s imaginations. During my trip in this land of dark fairy-tales, Sighișoara is definitely my favourite stop. It’s located deep in the middle of Transylvania. It‘s known as the birthplace of Dracula (Vlad Tepes).


Sighisoara old town is a well-kept medieval town. It’s an extremely charming city, the architecture, cobbled, colourful streets were a delight. The Medieval little town sits on top of a large hill in Sighisoara and is highly compact. It was a great fun to wander among all the colorful buildings.


This yellow house is called the Dracula House, where he was born and grew up.


The clock tower is a must see place in Sighisoara. Its role was to be the main gate into the citadel and to house the town’s council. It was built in the second half of the 14th century and expanded to 64m height in the 16th century. After a big fire in 1676 (when the town’s gunpowder deposits exploded) the roof of the tower was restored to the present Baroque shape, and in 1894 the colourful tiles were added.


To get to the higher part of Sighisoara old town, you need to pass a covered stairway, which is quite unusual. It has some 140 steps go from the town to the fortified church above.


The 360 degrees view from the Clock Tower was tremendous, especially on a sunny day. Climbing the clock tower gives you a great view of the surrounding area and the buildings are all unique and colorful.


Super cute statues that ring the church bell


Little Roman kids were playing around. Transylvania has a large number of Roman population.


In the spring and summer days, Transylvania is absolutely beautiful, with so many flowers blooming.


I loved Romanian food. Except for the most famous meat sticks – Cevapi, you also find many soups and stews in Romania.


Sighisoara old town is not only beautiful during the way. At night it is remarkably tranquil, absolutely charming. Walk at night through the narrow streets was unique and paranormal


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