Finally visited Taj Mahal!

Second time in India, I finally visiting Taj Mahal and Agra, I’m so excited!

Agra was the capital of Mughal Empire back in days. Only 3 hours from Delhi, it’s also the most visited place in India. I didn’t see it when first visting India, but Taj Mahal always fascinated me. I guess you all have heard about the story of Taj Mahal, but what attracts me most is purely the architecture.

Taj Mahal seen from hostel rooftop. In Agra there are quite a few hostels where you can get a great view of Taj Mahal. Right now it’s foggy season here, no sun guaranteed, or should I already be happy to see it from far?

Seeing it in person didn’t disappoint me. It’s maybe a bit smaller than I thought but it’s so beautiful!

Do you know every month during full moon, you can visit Taj Mahal at night? Too bad I just missed full moon this month.

Will post more photos when I get back home. Have a good weekend ahead everyone!