George Town random street stroll with a lot of photos


Hello greetings from Penang! Didn’t plan to come here first because I don’t like to move constantly from city to city, I guess I’m no real backpacker, haha, anyway important is that I made it here.

Travelling in Malaysia, I think I post more food pictures than streets pictures because firstly food is good, secondly weather is quite hot, even as someone who usually like to walk around, I kinda hesitate to go outside during the day.

Penang is beautiful, here are a few random photos taken in the streets.


churches and temple


little India

The tourist trap sort of bar street that all cities have one, the one in George Town is called Love Lane, nice name. Packed with backpackers and people trying to lure you inside.


Some street arts.

I see street art is a thing in Penang, everyone wants a photo with that bicycle. I love street art but maybe not really the ones in Penang, not that the art isn’t great just it seems to me kinda fake, or pretentious. Some of those paintings gave me a “Let’s make some graffiti here to have some street art for tourists” kind of feeling. I do like other parts of the city tho!