Going back to the European winter, bye India 👋

Post written at Istanbul airport during transfer.

The past 2.5 months have been awesome. Long trip from from Bangkok Steemfest to India. I’m glad I didn’t miss much, it’s still in te middle of the long winter, I’ll probably have two more months to enjoy the winter time ^^

In 2019 I’ve done two long trips, which feels great but sometimes also a bit overwhelming, and certainly needs more time to recover from travel mode after getting back home.

Things I miss already:

  • Thai tea
  • chicken pho
  • Vietnamese coffee
  • Vietnamese karaoke box
  • Thai massage and hot stone massage
  • butter chicken
  • masala chai
  • my colorful nails
  • late night BBQ restaurants
  • Indian headshakes (although I got my neck twisted while imitating them, karma?)
  • getting compliments on my saree everywhere I went
  • Bangkok itself
  • SteemFest itself
  • and…maybe even dealing with scammers lol

Belgium is cold and quiet, nice and calm. I feel finally I don’t have to stand all the traffic and noises also.

Hopefully I can switch to normal routine mode, maybe also get back to gym soon and try to learn something new for the new decade.

Taken during transfer in Istanbul, Turkish tea glasses are so cute.

Steemfest ecobag in Pushkar