My three favourite posts

It’s been a while since I first started blogging, when I saw Asher’s post today (though I’ve no idea who started this fun initiative), I thought it would be interesting I selected a few from my favourite posts from the past 3 years. It’s a bit difficult since I don’t have access to the SQL database, I’ve made so many posts that it takes days to scroll down. Luckily I backed up most blogs on this WP site a few years back, so it’s easier to search for these posts.

I love travelling and I wanted to start blogging and sharing travel stories for long, but as a lazy person, so before I learnt about Steem/Hive, I only kept an Instagram account for sharing pictures, like most travel girls.

Although quite a lot of times on Hive, I’m only shitposting some random stuff and reporting what’s going on on chain, I’m still more than happy to discover the chain, I even started my own blog thanks to it.

Lemme share my three most favourite posts today:


Happy to share my favourite destination: Kyrgyzstan.


In HCMC I visited a bizarre museum, can’t tell why it’s weird maybe because of the house, the museum house itself is known as a haunted house. If you visit HCMC, can visit it too.


Mainly because I miss festivals and there will be 0 festival this year. PKP 19 was rainy but fun. I saw two of my favourite bands The Chats and Skegss!

Share with us your favourite posts.