Graffiti in Belleville

Belleville, a colourful, multi-ethnic neighbourhood and also where one of Paris’s two main Chinatowns. I found out about Belleville only during my last two visits to Paris, as I was looking for some authentic Chinese food other than in the major Chinatown in the 13th arrondissement.

Belleville was for years known as not one the most desirable places in the city, even nowadays you can still find some prostitutes standing around next to the metro stop. Despite of that, Belleville is becoming the city’s new “à la mode” district, more and more Parisian come here to have some authentic Chinese or African food, find the cheapest beer in town and feel its bohemian, arty, international atmosphere. Belleville also has a great street-art scene.



Follow me to a street art tour around Belleville now!


It wasn’t difficult to spot some interesting graffiti in the area. They are simply everywhere.

There is a great park in Belleville area called “Parc de Belleville”, from which you can get a view of the city. The park is the second highest hill of Paris, next to Montmartre. Inside the park, you can find many graffiti too. I guess it would be a perfect spot to have picnic in the summer.

Rue Denoyez in Belleville


In a square there is one of French artist Benjamin Vautier’s masterpieces, created in 1993 – an enormous blackboard hung on the wall where “Il faut se méfier des mots” (“Beware of words”) is written.

Next to the words, Ben also has a graffiti of his portrait on another wall against (the picture at the right side)

Graffiti, found in the 13th arrondissement.