Happy Chinese new year! 新年快乐!

Happy Chinese new year everyone! I was actually thinking about whether I should go back visit family, but then of course I didn’t go, because of the virus breakout. I’m following the news but not sure how trustful the number and the media is. I think it’s better I wait a bit until I visit China. I could have also visited hometown while I was travelling in Asia, but China is just not so well connected compared to the rest of Asia, there are a lot of flights but still a bit far from the rest of Asian countries that I’m more interested in visiting.

It’s Chinese new year, I still need to go to the nearest Asian supermarket buy some rice balls or dumplings. In fact, recent years I’ve been too lazy and always wait until the last minute when those are out of stock. Never mind, I’m no big fan of either rice ball nor dumplings. BTW this time in Asia I learnt most eat rice balls with ginger sugar soup, I normally only boil them in the water, no matter they taste boring…

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!