Have you made your travel plans for 2020?

Have you made your travel plans for 2020 yet? Do you have something in mind?

Some of my friends asked me how I plan my trips. I don’t know if it’s normal but I have maybe 20-30 trips in mind, I have the routes long planned, at least I’ve studied those regions and countries including where to do, how I can go around, how safe it is, whenever I have some free time, I randomly check out these things. And because I hold a nearly useless Chinese passport, I also constantly check visa updates, sometimes with my Belgium residence, I get visa exemptions here and there.

some of the random pins on my google maps

That’s why when I see a good ticket, I often just book it, because I already have the rough route in my mind. Is it weird to you or you also do the same?

Talking about travel plans for 2020, I now keep an eye on Madagascar, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador(haven’t been to SA for a while), and also China (I need to renew my Chinese ID in the end of the year, without it I can’t even buy a train ticket or even airport shuttle bus ticket, dang ridiculous), if I visit China, usually I try to visit some other Asian countries that I like, such as Japan ^^

How about you, have you made any travel plans for 2020?