How much more can they ban in China?

South Park is banned in China because of the latest episode, no surprise at all.

It’s not news any more that recent couple of years China has extended restrictions on many foreign content on TV and online.

I haven’t lived in China for years, but when I lived there, since YouTube was blocked, I sometimes went to buy dvds to watch shows because it’s cheap and less hassle than to download. Dvd shop sounds so old fashioned i know lol but for a place internet sucks, it’s the best! I wonder how it is there now. It was actually also possible to watch TV shows on popular sites such as bilibili, or you can download on torrent as well. I don’t know how easy it is to download stuff nowadays in China.

I just went on bilibili to take a look, such as:

Wow, seems like they haven’t censored everything yet, cool, I’m so proud of them.

Still seems to be able to find some TV shows and movies. But in 2014 or 2016 they did a major censorship on TV shows and delisted a lot of them on major video sites there. As far as I know, there’s always verification before anything gotta posted on those video sites in China.

Talking about South Park, I liked their last episode, haha, they are telling all truth.

Recently because of HK protest, when I browsed around, I feel bad seeing a lot of Chiniese celebrities and models posting on social media about supporting China, how much they love China, do they really love this country or they just love China communist money?

It was not surprising they ban South Park only now actually.

Lately I heard in some hotels in China, if you show you have a foreign passport, you may be able to get normal “uncensored” internet. (I meant uncensored by China at least)

I have mixed feeling for it, good is that probably there’s always working VPN or normal internet available, which is easy to understand, as long as they want to do business with other countries, they will need normal internet somewhere right?

Then again, I feel sad because it probably means there’s no way to turn this around, they can sensor everything, create a totally China localised censored internet (we are actually almost there now) for the Chinese living there. I always feel restriction on others’ access to information and on their freedom of speech is the worst thing ever you can do.

in case you haven’t watched the episode, it’s here.