Mood before SteemFest4

I’m leaving for Bangkok tomorrow, it’s a rather tiring and stressful day today, I have to make sure to pack everything not to forget anything.

The past many years I’ve been travelling quite a bit by myself, still everytime before departure, I feel so emotional and scared about the coming trip.

As for Steemfest, I have mixed feelings for it. I’m never really a super enthousistic or passionate person, in anything. I didn’t know why I was at the last steemfests either, maybe it was in Europe? But in 2017 I was eager to go, even it was only a few days before my another planned trip, so I could only be there for 2 days. And it turned out a wonderful experience, although everything steemit inc announced back then at the fest was basically hot air lol. But still it was a great event that I won’t forget.

Yesterday I was commenting another steemfest post, I don’t think I’m gonna be in another steemfest after this one. The Lisbon one was the first steemfest I attended, it was 2 years ago. 2 years, you can say it’s a rematively short time but in crypto space, it feels eternity ago. 2 years, 3 times for the same year event is maybe still OK for me. But 3 years is not OK, it kinda freaks me out, 3 years is a crazy long time, you finish a bachelor degree in 3 years, your friend circle irl might change dramatically as well I’m sure.

That was just an anti-social side of me I guess, I believe many think it’s a great initiave to hold such huge event. And I wish long live Steem, I really do!

Just some random thoughts, I’m usually someone who overthink, but in the end, I’ll still enjoy life and enjoy steemfest for sure.

OK going back packing now.