I love bissap juice!

Here in West Africa, there’re fewer variations for juice than in some other tropical countries.

These are some typical juices you can find here in Côte d’Ivoire: ginger, passion fruit and bissap. Of those, I love bissap juice the most.

Bissap is a sort of Hibiscus that is native to West Africa. Today I finally got to see its plant.

Because normal in the market, you only see the dried bissap (right side of the photo), which is used to make juice.

There are also green bissap, normaly dried green ones are used for sauce and red ones for juice.

I like the unsweetend ones of just slightly sweetened ones, even though it can taste a bit bitter. Normally the ones sold on the market with plastic bags are a bit too sweet for me.

Of course, if made for cocktails, it can be a bit sweeter also!

I’m going to spend my last warm days in West Africa. Happy holidays, everyone!