I love Stone Town’s signature street snack – Zanzibar Mix / Urojo Soup

I had no idea before what they eat in Zanzibar, just like I had no idea which months of the year are raining season in Zanzibar.

When I walked past this street, it started raining so hard that I couldn’t continue walking.

So I sat down at the steps of someone’s door, there was a food stall where the boy was asking me if I’ve ever tried “Zanzibar Mix”.

I was about to ask what is “Zanzibar Mix”, then figured it out myself seeing all the kids come with their own bowl to buy it. They told me it’s tasty.

I definitely want to try it out!


Nowadays I’m super patient while waiting, thanks to Steemit, actually I made this draft on wordpress while waiting for my Zanzibar Mix.

Finally I got mine!

Ignore my hair. I’ll have to abandon my fringe if I ever live in a tropical place I guess lol.

I hope gif shows, so if you wonder what Zanzibar Mix, or Urojo Soup is, it’s the most popular street food in Tanzania, especially in Dar es Salaam and, of course, Stone Town in Zanzibar.

The flavorful sauce is cooked with mango and lemon, so feels a but sour, the soup is with fried mashed potatoes, a spoon of coconut chutney, tiny cubes of potatoes, crispy bhajias, sprinkled with deep-fried cassava.

I love it!