Karibu restaurant in Jambiani, Zanzibar

In Jambiani there are many beach bars and restaurants, I’ve tried a couple of them but my fav is still a local restaurant just 5 minutes away from the beach, it was awesome!

It’s called Karibu(which means welcome), if you ever visit Jambiani, you shouldn’t miss it. They make day menus every day and you need to reserve in advance. They even deliver food to your hotel if you don’t want to eat in the restaurant.

Waiting for food in Africa can take quite a long time, but you can pre-order it in most of the restaurants.

The owner guy was super nice. I didn’t dare to walk alone after dinner to where I was staying, he sent me back with motorbike. I was so touched. ^^

Inside the restaurant, rather simple but it’s the best one ^^

At night the light was dim, not perfect for food photos, but I took some anyway.

Tasty dishes! Later I went to West Africa and realised that the food in Zanzibar has much more variations.

I miss the restaurant and Zanzibar!

Have a good day.