Let’s discuss curation again

A few months ago, right before the HF21/22, I wrote a post regarding my concerns about curations on Steem:

post is here


Lately I’ve seen a few flags targeting the previous bidbot votes. I’m not saying specific which bots or projects, because the flags seem to target different ones to contra the votes got from the bot (either bought or not).

I was a bit angry when I got a flag the other day because of that as well, even though I didn’t buy any vote, in fact I’ve never even bought any vote from any bots during my time on steem. But then again, to a certain degree, I do kinda agree curation isn’t totally honest, we’ve seen a lot of ex bidbots vote randomly.

I’m saying all of those projects are bad, or what is good and bad, how do I know anyway.

I wonder if there is a way to solve this problem, I started manual curation myself, but my time spent on Steem is limited, I can only curate my feed, I’m sure most of you too, even though you start to manually vote.

I believe everyone hopes for the best of Steem, that’s the reason why we are all still here posting curating participating on this chain.

While I agree it’s all of us individual’s responsiblity to discover good content, our power is limited. Most influential curation comes from formal bidbots. If they don’t curate honestly, our effort is not even comparable.

Me personally believe we can vote whatever we like, but because steem is related to payout and money, this is certainly more complicated.

If we really want a content discovery platform, I think it’s important those projects curate in a better way. I saw a post discussing ex bidbots have to compete making the most ROI so that they don’t lose the huge delegation from that huge account. Nobody knows who that account is and how much ROI does she/he expect from those ex bidbots.

What I think here is since we are on "newsteem" and if we really hope it to work out, besides us individual accounts, how those ex bidbots curate is really important.

Greetings from BRU airport and I’ll see you at SF4 and let’s discuss this there if any of you are interested.