Lima, Peru

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Many people, including my Peruvian friends, had told me there’s not so much to do in this city before I decided to put Lima in my itinerary. Surprisingly I loved this city very much, regardless how busy and messy it can be. I guess Lima is not an easy city to love, that’s why many travelers only use it as a stopover.

Lima is a diverse city, you can see it if you travel from one area to another. I stayed in Miraflores, one of the safest area in Lima. I traveled to different neighborhoods in the city.

Today I’d like to show my dear Steemit friends how to love Lima.



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Lima’s old town is beautiful. When I went there, the main square was blocked for a special activity. Just like many South American cities, the historic center is filled with nice colonial architectures. I’ve heard many bad things about Lima city, but actually the old town is quite clean and well maintained, with a fairly long pedestrian street and many nice little restaurants.

I love Peruvian food, especially the ceviche, which is a fish salad. Fish is marinated in bitter orange or lime juice, which adds a elegant taste to it. In some South American countries, Chinese style restaurant Chifa (in Cantonese means Eating) is super popular. Funny thing is that most Chifa restaurants are owned by Peruvians, yet dishes tast much more Chinese than those take-away restaurants in Europe. How is that even possible! ?





In Lima old town, the most impressive thing is its China town. It’s super busy. I’ve never seen a place this busy, until I went to see Gamarra market in another area of the city. Have you noticed the red character painted on the ground? It means “double happiness” in Chinese and we use this character for a wedding. It’s interesting for me to see it on the ground.





Water fountain in a park. Streets by night.

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Huaca Pucllana is clay pyramid-like ruins located in the Miraflores. Visitors can only follow a guided tour to be able to see it. The tour was… a bit boring. I did learn about the recreation ritual offering vessel in the old culture. The ruin itself is huge and spectacular in the middle of all the modern buildings. Yet the guided tour was a bit dull, it can be more interesting.

Great photo spot, still.

在Miraflores区有这样一个金字塔形状的泥质金字塔形状的废墟。但是不能自行参观,比如加入一个tour. 废墟本身很壮观,在众多的高楼中夹杂了这样的废墟也是不可思议。不过这个tour实在是无聊,有点像纯粹阅读博物馆的说明,没有互动。秘鲁旅游业做的不错,有很多游客中心,已经做的很成熟,但是还可以再提高游客体验。




Gamarra market is my absolute fav in Lima. My Liman friends couldn’t understand this. When I took a taxi to there, the driver was also asking why. Well, I loved it because It’s special and extreme, even for someone like me, who grew up in China and saw all sorts of crazy markets all my life. I’d like to call it the king of markets. Not because how wonderful or how cheap these clothes and objects are, but rather for the unique atmosphere. Vendors hold their selling items and they show them to your eyes, literally. It was a noisy place, but very cool. You can also find many food, anticuchos, snacks, fruits, fabrics, a witch market…… basically everything you can think of.


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Miraflores is Lima’s richer part. It’s close to the sea. To be honest, the climate in Lima isn’t that great. It never rains but it’s mostly polluted. Only one day I was able to see the clear sky. But it doesn’t matter, rich people still move here, they enjoy the waterfront cafes, high-end brands, fancy cocktail bars and the water sports. By the way, Lima is a great place to go sky-diving, you can get the course at a reasonable price.

For me, I also enjoyed Miraflores area. It’s safe, feels like any South European coast city. I can find everything I want, even a brilliant matcha from a bubble-tea place opened by a Cantonese guy. It’s so chill and everything is great. But I loved Lima for its messy Gamarra where I found a super tasty tres leches cake and fresh mango for 1 Peruvian sol. Plus, no matter how unsafe others told me about Lima, I didn’t feel any unsafe in my entire trip, if you want to know 😛

If you ever plan a SA trip, don’t hesitate add a few days in this city. It will surprise you.