Market Snapshots in Man, C么te d鈥橧voire

Market in Man, C么te d’Ivoire.

It wasn’t a special market day or something, just an ordinary day.

Streets are busy like this every day.

Pepper! Spicy!!

Sorry I forgot what she was selling, should have taken a closer picture.

Karit茅 is one of the French words I learnt here in CI. C么te d’Ivoire is famous for its shea butter production. Gonna buy some maybe one of these days.

A typical snack, tastes like oliebol in Belgium and the Nederlands, good since now it’s holiday season, we eat it at Christmas market in Belgium ^^ festive snack then.

There isn’t much snack in WAfrica so even though I didn’t like oliebol much still it’s good as a snack for now haha.


I hope I didn’t burn that foufou!