Enjoy solitude at Mammy Wata in Assinie, Côte d’Ivoire

Mammy Wata is an awesome place to stay in Assinie beach in Côte d’Ivoire.

As I probably already mentioned, this time I didn’t book any hotels in advance, so I was checking hotels and route all the way. The website I use to look up accommodations in CI? Simple, google maps. Basically after deciding the next stop, check the hotel scores and decided which one to take.

The location if Mammy Wata in Assinie seemed cool, it’s between the lagoons and the ocean. Funny thing was that there was literally nobody staying there at this time of the year so you can have the whole area to yourself and enjoy the quietness.

Mammy Wata is on the other side of the lagoon, the personeel will help you cross the river, but to get to the village of Assinie Mafia, there’s another tiver to cross. So better just relax in the island for a few days once you reach the hotel.


Bamboo house under the sunset.

The studio was simple but I loved it.

They also have some bigger bungalows next to it.

The personel there was super friendly, had great experience. Because it was off season, there weren’t many restaurants open in the area. So you can tell him what you want to eat and he go to the village buy ingredient and cook.

Above are the food he made. I believe I already shared it before. It was awesome.

Beach is just 5 minutes walk away, most beach bars were closed and the beach was also quiet. I loved the quietness.

Nice local bar, looking great except it’s closed.

Also found a beach hut where I can lie down, but the shops are closed, no cocktail.

Atlantic sea, not as nice as Zanzibar but good to relax for a couple of days.

Brought some water from the village in case I find no shop in the area.




在Assinie这家Mammy Wata非常安静,地处在湖和海之中的一个飞地。地方很大,种满美丽的植物,非常原始自然美,都是竹屋,虽然条件简单没什么华丽的,但是我很喜欢!