muvmi – new Tuktuk Hop app in BKK

Tired of tuktuk scams in Bangkok? There is now a TukTuk Hop on Hop off app in Bangkok, called muvmi, it seems quite new, I heard of it from the Bangkok subreddit and decided to give it a try.

The service works within certain areas, as you see, there’re currently 12 area in Bangkok you can hop on tuktuk on muvmi, including oldtown where most tuktuk demands are. But you can’t use it to cross the area, some muvmi area do overlapping, but you have to reorder another one via app to go further. Still it’s very useful especially for moving around in the oldtown, or from/to the narrow sukhumvit/on nut sois where footpaths sometimes are lacking.

Muvmi tuktuks are very new, there’re 6 seats, 3 normal seats and 3 folded ones, you can choose to order one or several seats, or the whole car. Once it’s ordered, you can view the picture of pickup point, and you wait there. Map shows where your tuktuk is and estimated waiting time, tho I find the waiting time not too accurate in busy areas. Still a good app for tuktuk lovers who don’t feel comfortable negotiating price with drivers all the time.

Maybe it’s still very new, I never need to share the tuktuk with others(when selecting 1/2 persons), price is reasonable. You can pay with muvmi pass, which I haven’t tried, probably can get it from their website or some webshops. Otherwise can top up in the app with credit card. Scan the QR code on the car when your tuktuk arrives.