New week, STEEM/TRON weekend update, what has happened.

New week, new start.


In case anyone has missed, here are some info I gathered.

Powerup status


After all the “hacker” tweets, exchange voting for gevernance debacles, @jeffjagoe and theycallmedan both reached huobi via phone call.

Some interesting facts on the post above if you are interested. Kudos Jeff Dan and Ciara for communication.

huobi started powering down

Despite previous mistake by huobi, they seemed to handle it and was able to communicate quickly enough. Not too bad.

Let’s take a look at what Binance did:

Firstly CZ started a twitter thread talking about it, providing the interview questions with cointelegraph, where he talked about why this mistake happened:

Later with a screenshot of incomplete SF222 code, steem witnesses discussed it below that thread.

Down below the tweets you find many steem witnesses and knowhows discussing it.

Meanwhile there was a twitter storm, including JS, steemit accounts talking to each other… It was …. a storm.

Dan Larimer talking about it.

Later after Saturday’s townhall, CZ admitted the mistake and promised a powering down in a few hours.

I didn’t follow the townhall, but Ura-soul made an interetsting vlog about it:

Yesterday, in Justin Sun’s post

He wrote, progress is made, yet so far

Of all the townhall commucation by inc and witnesses, the only real progress I see is only CZ’s apology and promise to power down. Although the power down process took a while. Here is the story:

Yesterday, binance started a powering down first with 31k vests instead of SP, the code the exchange operated is indeed written.

partial power down

Either they are really that ignorant or to “win some time”…..

After a few hours, they also on the process of full powering down atm.

Binance finally started full power down.

Thanks for reading.