Pennyboard backpack Penny Pouch Review

I’ll do a few city trips in Europe this summer by train, so I can take my pennyboard with me. I’m cruising with it every day hopefully to get more and more comfortable cruising with it. Train travels make it easier to bring the board, so I also got a Penny Pouch the other day from a second-hand marketplace website.

Penny Pouch was originally brought out by Penny a few years ago, and they stopped making it for some reason, so it is not so easy to find them these days, luckily I found one in relatively good condition.

Although there are many backpacks can fit the board, technically if a backpack has two strings in the front, it should fit a board. Let me show you the bag:

front and back, it has two mesh bottle holders on each side. Capacity is 20L.

front pocket

main pocket, it includes a laptop compartment, a mesh pocket, and multiple other pockets.

on the back, there’s another pocket with padded tablet room

pocket with foldable board tail holder

looks like this with 22 pennyboard attached to it


  1. Decent pack with a big room and lot of pockets.
  2. Great for travel, can be a great hand-luggage too if pennyboard is allowed as carry-on, not totally sure.
  3. I got this in secondhand for 20 euro, normally price was around 40 euro.
  4. Overall good pack, although it can be slightly better made, with better material.
  5. I’m happy I can bring my board with me everywhere easily with this backpack.