Staying with a shepherd family in the most remote Köl-Suu lake in Kyrgyzstan

07603EAC-25A3-4EA5-86FE-F02150D1DB80.jpegSome of my friends asked me before why I wanted to visit Kyrgyzstan. I guess mostly because of its traditional shepherd lifestyle.


Although in early May it isn’t the best time to visit the country, as it is still not warm enough to see the yurts everywhere. Still I was lucky enough to encounter some shepherd family in a remote lake, Köl-Suu, which is also the reason why I came all the way from Osh to Naryn.


the location




Yes, I stayed in this old railway wagon made house for the night.




When we arrived, it’s already 11 pm. Luckily the driver knows a shepherd family living near the lake. Our original plan is to stay in the yurt, but at this time, they haven’t set up their yurt yet. The host lady was preparing the heating.



We were invited for a tea even this late. So I could take a look at the village life in Kyrgyzstan. I was kinda worried if we would wake up the two kids who were sleeping, luckily they slept soundly enough.

The surrounding of their farm and houses. It feels so nice to live in the middle of the pure nature like this.


The next day when kids are awake, I could play with them a bit.


The region is so remote that there isn’t any mobile signal. They do have a compatible small TV that can connect with the satelite. Besides the TV is the battery that is charged with solar energy.




从Naryn到Kol Suu湖需要5个多小时,沿路景色非常壮美,现在五月,大部分牧民还没有搭起蒙古包,还好司机找到一个牧民人家,我们可以住在他们的旧火车车厢搭成的客房。改天我来好好介绍这个炫酷的住宿。