Silly travel bans due to coronavirus

Happy weekend! How are you guys? Any plans for your Easter holidays?

I’m delaying making further travel plans a bit due to this coronavirus fear porn.

I haven’t changed my passport (China) because of many reasons, since I live in Europe, it’s also not so difficult to obtain visa for most countries even if I need one.

So, silly thing is now some countries started travel bans not only for those who travelled to Wuhan or China recently, but also for all Chinese passport holders … Just because they are incapable to handle the difference between citizenship and residence?

This is too much, not that I’m so eager to travel around at the moment, still tired from my last trip. But Imagine when you’re not allowed to enter a country just because you hold this passport, I haven’t even visited China for more than a year. This lack of freedom feels so dang…. Sad for an itchy feet like me.

some random sources: (Even Taiwan is included in the Philippines travel bans lol) (Armenia suspends visa-free travel for Chinese citizens over virus fears) (dang, luckily I just visited you, India and got a bad infection, no more byebye) (extended list of travel ban)