What is the one thing you wish you had done different on Steem?


Just woke up to the new steemit.com, refreshing, without ads, community is there, although anti-social as me only uses steempress and dtube to crosspost on chain these days. I’ve created some communities but barely used it yet.

Steemit was sold, old chain might remain if witnesses reach consensus, but nothing is gonna be the same. The other day @phgnomo pretty much nailed the situation now on this post:


If you wonder, what has causes today’s situation? Is it Ned, Dan, bad governance along the way, DPOS itself or the ninjamined Steem? I guess it’s the combination of all these factors, but also it’s because of you and me, of course our voice and actions matter less compared the large stakeholders. The decentralised dream and vision you signed up to has long been struggling, Justin Sun bought Steemit inc or not.

It’s debatable, though, with such amount of ninjamine, that we ever had the chance to turn it around. learning from the past mistakes is important, say, what is the one thing you wish you had done different on Steem?