Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang

I think I’ve shared this story before, I wasn’t planning to visit Penang at first, then met some strangers on the street of Ipoh while offering to take picture for them. Then got invited to eat something together after a small chat, found them nice, then decided to go with them to Penang. They were going to Penang for a food trip, so I was able to try alll kinds of Penang food with them.

I’m not that kind of person who travels with a to-do or to-eat list, so if not them I probably won’t visit Kek Lok Si temple, since it’s kinda far from George Town.

I actually almost about to tell them to drop me in the hotel and say goodbye. But then when I checked the pictures of this temple, I decided to go, this hilltop temple complex looks so cool!


You can climb this pogoda.

Views from the pogoda.

More details.


I feel a bit overloaded with Korean pop culture these few days, so today I decided to visit Insa art center. Seoul is such a great city that you find all kinds of stuff.

I knew this district via an instagram post by a friend who visited Seoul recently. I remember she posted a couple of cool traditional Korean paintings. Although compared to its traditional culture, Korea is better known by its kpop and fast fashion worldwide these days, I still find its traditional culture fasinating.

Well, actually Insa art center is more of a collection of temporary exhibitions and each only lasts a few days normally, so the painting post I saw from that instagram post was no longer there, still, found a few interesting collection.

Came here for the more traditional Korea art but these cute fish didn’t disappoint me either.

Exploring Seoul

I’ve been busy exploring different areas in Seoul. The city seems amazing. I feel I’ve been eating too much on my trip this time, sad that I kinda lose my appetite, sad because I love Korean food normally.

Here are some random touristic photos.

Colorful busy Myeong Dong

Jetoy, cute cat ^^

Taken in some ramdom shrine. They’ve been rehearsing for a culture event, so there’re drumming sticks on the ground.

Random street

Lantern festival is around the corner.

Joy the motorbiker πŸ‘§πŸ»πŸοΈ

Greetings from the very North of Vietnam, I’m almost in China now haha, but no worries, I’ll stay in SE Asia for a while.

This is where I am at the moment haha!

Just rent a motorbike, will stay in the region for a few days. I’ve never ridden before but it doesn’t seem so difficult, except I have to ride very very slow to be safe ^^

Because of this, I decided to ride by myself, instead of following the group from the hostel in Ha Giang, also where I rent the motorbike. I think I feel less embarrased for riding extremely slow lol.

Route: I’m staying now in Yen Minh, not much to do here, can’t even find che to eat 😭

Took a lot of photos on the way, but data isn’t as fast in this region, stay tuned, more photos coming!