The road to Steem Fest | Fears

This is entry to roadtosteemfest contest, original contest post:

Honestly this time I don’t have that mny fears, maybe because I’ve already attended the last two Steemfests and got to some people. And I’m someone who don’t need to always talk to others, so even if i can’t find people to talk, it’s alright for me. I can fill some free time daydreaming. So for the fest itself I don’t have fears.

But the trip to Steemfest, I have some little fears. Firstly, believe it or not, I’m super scared of flying (always thinking “flight’s gonna crash, I still have so many things I want to do, so many places I haven’t been…, and if this flight crashes, how my friends/family will react?”) it can be that the fear of flying has eventually faded as time goes by, but those thoughts always hit my mind every time I’m flying. And ironically I’m flying a lot every year… I’m seeing it more as some kind of weird habit now.

For the rest I think it should be fine. I haven’t checked how I can get to the first days airbnb from the airport, but I’m not so worried, cos I’ll get a sim card with data anyway. It’s more of hoping everything goes smooth, I can get some sleep as soon as I arrive, because 15h flight time must be tiring.

I’ll probably move to Prince Palace hotel on 6th as I won the ticket and accommodation (Thanks again!), I’m probably going to share the room another winner but I’m still waiting for the announcement atm, this is probably also OK, as I had hostels/couchsurfing experiences before, it’s alright to stay with someone.

Hope you all happy packing, and have a great trip!

See you in Bangkok I guess!