Traditional Chinese garden in Suzhou

As promised the other day, today I’d like to share some photos taken in one of the most famous traditional gardens in Suzhou – Master of the Nets Garden.

Master of Net meant fishermen in Suzhou dialect, the garden was inspired by the lifestyle of ancient Chinese fishermen.

According to google, the garden was originally designed and constructed in 1140, it surprised me because I thought it would be later. Of course the one we see nowadays was later (around 1785) re-constructed after falling into disarray due to not in use for years.

It’s a typical Suzhou style garden, I moved to Suzhou for middle school and lived there for quite a long time, I’ve visited a lot of gardens there, they are all very green, with ponds, little bridges, wooden hallways, Chinese style pavillons, etc.

I like this garden the most, because it’s not too big and not too crowded as other ones. It’s also close to the street that used to be our favorite bar street, but last time when I went there, it was totally changed, no bars left, none of any. Sometimes I don’t understand this.

OK, now garden pictures:

台東的海 Taitung, Taiwan

I love beaches in Taiwan, even though they aren’t best maintained, but they are raw rough calm and beautiful.

When I was in Taiwan, it happened to be the two-week East Asia short rainy season, so it wasn’t as sunny as I thought, yet warm, warmer than Belgium summer.

The guesthouse I stayed offers free bicycles to use, which was quite convenient to go around. Taitung is such a small town, guesthouse owner didn’t give me key for the bicycle, probably you can just leave it, don’t have to lock it in Taitung.

I miss this beach

<3 Taiwan

查無此人 @MOCA Taipei

In warm places like SE Asia, I always fail to do as much sighseeing as in European cities due to the heat.

Lately it’s been over 30 degrees Celsius in Taipei city, luckily I came across this interesting exhibition in the contemporary art museum MOCA Taipei, great to spent an afternoon.

Here are some pictures taken at the exhibition, you can see more details from the vlog I made earlier! If you happen to be in Taipei city, do check it out, worth going!

cute statue near the museum

As an ecobag addict, I bought an ecobag as my Taiwan souvenir.

That cute doll is our lovely @deanliu.

WHERE HAVE THE FLOWERS GONE was good, slightly too emotional for me though. I like another exhibition more: Living Sound.

Quite a few interesting installations. Didn’t find people to go to clubs in Taipei, at least here you can enjoy some cool music with different settings, listening to electronic music in front of temple setting wzs kinda fun!


没想到最近的两个展都挺有意思,分别是查无此人和Living Sound,查无此人是很多台湾流行音乐人共同策划的项目,比如五月天的玛莎,魏如萱都参与其中,我很久不听华语流行,这个展不错,但是对我来说有点太情绪化,我更喜欢另一个展。



…recommended me this original pearl milk tea shop. He has written about it as well. Can you believe all bubble tea started in this milk tea shop?

Huge bubble statue

How the shop looks like inside.

Menu, it’s quite extensive, not only all kinds of milk teas, also some traditional taiwanese dishes.

My bubble tea!

I also made a vlog about this shop, stay tuned ^^