nobody is illegal

Lately the Essex truck tragedy has been in the news, 39 people found dead in a refrigerated lorry trailer in Essex. I’m really sad for those young lifes.

During the years I live in Belgium, we hear the news sometimes that someone died trying to swim across the sea to England, etc. Every time I heard such news, I feel extremely sad.

This time these 39 are believed to be from Vietnam and some of them got a fake Chinese passport, (although I don’t get it why is it any different, Chinese passport or Vietnamese passport anyway, they all shitty probably). Those people were very likely have spent all their savings just in order to be in Britain?! In Brussels, we have this small mall full of cheap tiny nail salons right next to the Grand Place, where mostly Vietnamese work inside, very likely also the trafficked individuals. 

Many people are unfortunately not as privileged as others to even travel freely, let alone to choose where to live. How unfair is that!

They are not as lucky, as privileged, but that shouldn’t make them illegal, just because they want to choose where to live. None of us should and nobody is illegal. 

Probably also not everyone in the world has similar accessibility to the correct information about the world. Otherwise I would be surprised how come someone is willing to pay 30k pounds just to live in England or Europe, is life here really much better? I think maybe I’d rather live in Vietnam. But yea just because income here is higher, their family need the money maybe, I used to know quite a lot of people from different countries in the language class who spent all their life saving just to be able to be here. 

Some may argue that they have to make the policy so strict, otherwise many will come here just for the social security. I’m no fan of the whole social security and tax system. I think we should pay whatever it costs, instead of paying for others or getting money from others for whatever BS reason. Social security system does basically no good but encourage indirectly such human trafficking business.

And if you are capable enough to make a living anywhere, you should be able to choose wherever to live. I know a friend from China here in Belgium, that probably also came via such boat or truck years ago. She probably works 10 times harder than me and speaks 10 times better Dutch than me. If they can survive wherever, why should we prevent them? What’s the point anyway. 


just some rants, have a good week ahead