Ha Noi streets

Greetings from Ha Noi!

The traffic here is quite crazy, nearly unmanageable. So even if I think the weather is pretty nice to walk around, still have to take a grab most of the time.

I think Ha Noi old quarter is nice and charming, full of cafés, I like the Vietnamese style cafés.

Appartments near the airbnb I’m staying. Reminds me of Macau, it’s not that far from Macau too.

Random selfie with random Vietnamese words, hope it doesn’t mean anything bad.

I like this simple black coffee.

Old quarter.

Stay tuned, more updates and photos coming ^^

Passion Fruit Fish and Longan Kungpao Chicken

Went to an interesting restaurant yesterday in Beijing, called 种春风. I think they are good at choosing the name, I like its name.

I was using Dazhong Advisor, Chinese version TripAdvisor or Foursquare (yea in China they use a lot of localised apps), some apps are good some look too noisy and I’m a minimalist.

Anyway, according to this app people also like the restaurant, saying they have some interesting dishes, we went for a try.

Inside the restaurant, small but lovely.

I like how they add fresh fruit in some very traditional dishes.

Fish filet boiled in passion fruit instead of in Sichuan sauce haha.

Longan in Kung Pao, never seen such, tastes pretty good!

Quick update, greetings from Beijing!

Greetings from Beijing!

I’m here for the long transfer, and also rest a bit. I hadn’t been in Beijing for 3 years, time flies!

Airport coffee

The vending machine ate my bills 🤷🏻‍♀️ and I gave them my wechat id in order to get refund…they asked me my number but I don’t have a number in China lol.

The area where my friend Jia lives ^^ not far from Sanlitun.

Found an interesting snack, cold donkey meat sandwich haha

Propoganda selfie, feel alive again after a few hour sleep.

Just bought some snacks and masks in 7-11, glad it’s always easy to find food and convenient shops in most Asian cities. Now waiting for Jia to be back from her dayjob, eat something later before I catch my flight to Hanoi!