Quick update, greetings from Beijing!

Greetings from Beijing!

I’m here for the long transfer, and also rest a bit. I hadn’t been in Beijing for 3 years, time flies!

Airport coffee

The vending machine ate my bills ??‍♀️ and I gave them my wechat id in order to get refund…they asked me my number but I don’t have a number in China lol.

The area where my friend Jia lives ^^ not far from Sanlitun.

Found an interesting snack, cold donkey meat sandwich haha

Propoganda selfie, feel alive again after a few hour sleep.

Just bought some snacks and masks in 7-11, glad it’s always easy to find food and convenient shops in most Asian cities. Now waiting for Jia to be back from her dayjob, eat something later before I catch my flight to Hanoi!