Sticky Fingers BBQ House

Summer is here, best time for BBQ. It would be nice to do a BBQ party in your backyard with a couple of friends, but if you live in the city like me, what can you do?

Luckily there’s a BBQ house in town, great place to enjoy good weather with friends there.

It’s good weather outside, nobody wants to sit inside. Belgians are one of the most crazy people about “buitenzitten” (sitting in the terrace), to enjoy the precious sun here.



Bar next door was also interesting. “Strand” means beach in Dutch. Draw some water and pretend there is a beach nearby, great try.

Flowery OOTD

Doing a random OOTD here because it’s still spring in Belgium. Seems it can still take a while before summer finally comes, I can wear some spring clothes. I feel I almost skip the whole spring this year, if I think this way, I don’t see it’s a bad thing at all.

It’s already June, it’s normal you still need a jacket.

I love my flowery dress, leggings and shoes!

Have a good weekend!


Enjoying the summer sun!

Had a great weekend, it’s 30 degrees! Unusual for Belgium summer, we are more used to the 20 or 25 degree summer days. I felt immediately European, meaning I had to drag myself outside to enjoy the precious sun, because next week is gonna be rainy again lol.

Summery terrace

Had some localised noodle soup, which wasn’t as good as in Asia.

Still missing Vietnamese iced coffee.


At least weather is nice, ice cream is good, people all seem happy, I think I got nothing to complain.

Last meal of my Asia trip – 大董 Roasted Duck in Beijing

Asia trip is over, I got to meet so many new and old friends this time, even on my last transit day in Beijing, I met someone I hadn’t seen for ages and we went to eat Beijing Roasted Duck before I leave.

This restaurant is known for its roasted duck but we liked their other dishes as well.

dates and ribs

Roasted duck

pea sprouts, my favorite vegetable ^^

Squirrel-shaped fish is a typical Suzhou dish.


Coconut rice balls

Apparently they sell all kinds of dishes from all over the country

Cute restaurant with great lightening and a fish pond

It is always great to catch up with old friends, even though it’s never enough time to share every update in life. Still, good to meet up.