Sighișoara, Transylvania. The birthplace of Dracula

I love Romania, especially Transylvania area. Its forested valleys and Gothic castles are forever embedded in people’s imaginations. During my trip in this land of dark fairy-tales, Sighișoara is definitely my favourite stop. It’s located deep in the middle of Transylvania. It‘s known as the birthplace of Dracula (Vlad Tepes).

‘Once’ in Dublin

Have you ever seen the movie titled Once? This low budget modern-day musical was shot in only 17 days, on the streets of Dublin. ONCE is one of my favorite movies and is one of the main reason why I wanted to visit Dublin city. It’s such a beautiful movie, especially the ending. During my trip in Dublin, I try to find some movie scenes in real life. Here’s a song from its soundtrack, in case you haven’t seen the movie yet.