‘Once’ in Dublin

Have you ever seen the movie titled Once? This low budget modern-day musical was shot in only 17 days, on the streets of Dublin. ONCE is one of my favorite movies and is one of the main reason why I wanted to visit Dublin city. It’s such a beautiful movie, especially the ending. During my trip in Dublin, I try to find some movie scenes in real life. Here’s a song from its soundtrack, in case you haven’t seen the movie yet.

你们有没看过有部爱尔兰电影叫做《曾经》?这部只花了17天拍完,长度仅有一个半小时的电影更像一个长篇的音乐剧。当年这部电影的原声带以黑马姿态拿下了奥斯卡的最佳音乐奖。我一直很喜欢这部美好感人的小电影。也一直记得了拍摄电影的都柏林这个城市。这次来都柏林,我特地抽空去电影拍摄的几个场景走了走。如果你还没看过这部电影,先来停听听这首贯穿始终的《Falling Slowly》吧。


  In the movie, the Guy and the Girl were playing “Falling slowly” together for the first time. It was also the film’s most memorable scene for me. This song was awarded Oscar best original song that year. Funny story was after filming “Falling Slowly”, Glen Hansard jokingly said “and the Oscar for Best Song goes to…” He proved to be highly predictive in the end though…

我印象最深刻的场景当属这个男主和女主第一次合奏Falling slowly这首歌的乐器店。我在都柏林的主街上也找到了这个琴行。虽然其实这不过是个普通的乐器店,买各式吉他,也可以买到微缩版爱尔兰竖琴回去当纪念品。但是我还是想起电影里面的场景。听说当时Glen弹完Falling slowly,跟剧组开玩笑说,好了,奥斯卡就这首歌了,他倒是预测的挺准的。

George’s Street Arcade is an indoor Victorian market in Dublin. In the movie, it was the next scene after Guy and Girl (yes, they aren’t even named in the movie) play the song in the music store. There are just some souvenir shops selling Dublin magnetic and postcards, plus small restaurants inside nowadays.


In the movie, Guy and Girl were strolling a couple of times through the popular Temple Bar district in Dublin city center. Temple Bar’s cobbled streets are filled with thousands of visitors each day. Regardless how touristy it is, I still enjoyed the small streets, flower decorated bars, the live music that you find every corner and the atmosphere, especially at night.

在电影中,男主和女主好几次漫步在都柏林最有名的Temple Bar街区。尤其在夏天,Temple Bar是个很有意思的地方,虽然跟很多欧洲城市的市中心一样,有点商业化游客化。但是我还是很喜欢这里的氛围,无论晴天阴天,都有很多的爱尔兰街头艺术家在这里自弹自唱,就像电影《曾经》里面一样。尤其在晚上,所有人乐呵呵的喝酒,听现场音乐,非常棒的体验。

I went to the Killiney Hill, where this final scene was shot. It’s the scene where Guy asks Girl if she loves her husband, and she answers in Czech, “miluju tebe” which means, It’s you I love. It’s interesting when the movie was shot, Glen also had no idea what it meant in Czech, just like the viewer… Killiney hill was stunning. It has a nice path to walk around and a breathtaking 360 degree view of Dublin Bay at the top of the hill. I had better weather than in the movie when Guy and Girl went there.

我也去了电影里最后那一美丽的一幕。当男主问女主还爱不爱她的先生,女主想了想用捷克文回答“miluju tebe”(我爱的是你)。有意思的是当时拍的时候Glen也不知道这句捷克文的意思,就像你和我一样。这一幕是在都柏林市郊的Killiney山丘拍的,我记得这一幕很美,特地搭乘DART去那里看看。从山丘可以看到360度的风景,我去的那天是晴天,很幸运的看到了蜿蜒的都柏林湾。