Rotterdam city trip report – Paradise for architecture lovers

I made a trip in Rotterdam. It’s a city used to famous for its harbor and nowadays becomes a paradise for young architectures. It’s modern and with a long history, futuristic architecture, inspired local initiatives such as inner-city canal surfing, a proliferation of art, and a surge of drinking, making it one of the most energetic and vivid cities in Europe. Markthal is a huge marketplace. The building is just fantastic and inspiring. The architecture is remarkable and the interesting thing is that it is within an apartment complex. I love the idea that they built a huge market in the middle of an appartment complex, behind or on top of the colorful wall, those are actually many apartment and they all have a view of the busy market. Great concept, isn’t it! Aside from the impressive metal and glass building and architecture the food stalls and bars are very good. It is also very close to another masterpiece – Cubic house The houses are very funny from the outside, but i was very curious how it would be to live in something like that. For only 2.5 euro fee you can see in one house. The house had 3 floors and It was really large and cozy. Nowadays you can also find hostels and airbnb in the house. You can even stay a night in the cubic house. I think Rotterdam is so cool, with great mixture of historic buildings and modern architecture. You can easily find interesting sites everywhere in Rotterdam. Comments