Trip to Prague – Romantic City of Kafka, John Lennon and beautiful Parks

Today I bring you to a magical city called Prague. It’s been the most popular Eastern European destination. But funny enough it was the last city in Eastern Europe that I visited. I had made quite a few trips in East Europe, even went far into all countries in the Balkan Peninsula, but somehow I wasn’t able to fit Prague in any of this trips. Then one day I realized I seriously had to visit this city, after 5 years living in Europe, I was finally able to do a Prague city trip.

Prague didn’t disappoint me, it get everything to attract visitors: amazing architecture and many world-class attractions such as Prague Castle complex, Vysehrad, several churches, Jewish Quarter attractions. Except for that, I also loved all the lovely parks in the city.



Funny statue I found on the bridge.

Beautiful Charles bridge, a symbol of Prague city.


Prague astronomical clock, a medieval clock located in the Old Town square, the busiest square in Prague. It’s one of the three older astronomical clocks which is still in working condition. There’re different parts of the clock: The astronomical dial, representing the position of the Sun and Moon in the sky and displaying various astronomical details, a calendar dial with medallions representing the months.


John Lennon wall in Prague. Since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles’ songs. In 1988, the wall was a source of irritation for the communist regime, which led to a clash between hundreds of students and security police on the nearby Charles Bridge. Nowadays, John Lennon wall becomes an attraction, many come here to celebrate the freedom and peace.


Prague is the home town of Franz Kafka. In Prague center, there’s also a funny modern Kafka Statue, it spins. I got amazed by watching the the head rotate.


Except for beautiful buildings in Prague old town, I also loved the lovely parks everywhere in the city. Prague is a very tourist city especially during the summer. But if you know these parks, you can still get some space for yourself. Some of them are nice and quiet. If you like them, can pin them in your maps, next in Prague, go there check it out.


1)Petrin Hill, where you can get on top of a tower and have a look out of the city.


2)Letna Park, here you can get a closer look of Vltava river and the bridges.

3)Havlicek Park, this is my favorite park in Prague. It’s super calm and has nice many nice spots. I saw many couples taking wedding pictures and one couple was marrying there. It seems to me an amazing place to get married.

4)Wallenstein Palace, a park with a few colorful peacock and a beautiful palace


Thanks for reading.