Happy SinterKlaas Day, Steemians!

Today is Dec. 6, SinterKlaas Day. The Sint is a popular character that looks similar to the better known Santa Claus, although many say that the figure of Santa Claus (or Father Christmas) and his role during Christmas, is largely based on our Sinterklaas. It is actually a festival celebrated extensively in the European low countries (the Nederlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and northern France).

Journey around Brussels in the Vintage trams

Last month when I was in Lisbon for the SteemFest, I spared some time for a ride on the famous historic tram 28. After realizing how much I loved the best old days, I went on a tour the other day in the tram museum in Brussels, to discover more about the trams in the past days. I like travelling with trams and have done it in many European cities. We don’t have that many trams in China nowadays any more like in Europe, which makes me love the trams even more.