Brussels’ Winter Wonderland

Brussels has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. Every year around one month before Christmas, there is this winter wonderland in town, Christmas market being part of it. The winter wonderland also includes a nightly sound-and-light show on the most beautiful Grand Place and stalls surrounding the Bourse and along the Sainte Catherine square.

L’atelier en Ville – an Artsy blend of furniture / home decor / clothing / coffee 这家咖啡店卖家具还卖衣服

Let me introduce my new favorite cafe that I accidentally found out the other day while wandering around in town. It is called L’atelier en Ville, a cafe spot housed in old warehouse type building in Brussels city. In fact it is a mix of a furniture shop, a boutique shop and a coffee shop, sounds like a strange combination but all the elements blend in together greatly and create a unique atmosphere.


Place St. Gery – my favorite area to hang out in Brussels. 布鲁塞尔聚会好去处

Place St. Gery is one of my favorite spots to hang out with friends in Brussels. The square is around the St. Gery Hall which is the place to be. It is a rather small square yet busy with lots of bars where one can relax and enjoy the Brussels gem.

The area is is full of cafes, it is especially nice during the summer time when everyone enjoyed “terrasjes doen” (Flemish word, means sit outside in the terrace). Most of the time on a warm sunny day, you will find the terraces full. But no worries, there a lot of cafes around and they are spacious inside. You can find all kinds of cafes here, big, small, jazz, etc.

让我们一起去布鲁塞尔中心的一个非常热闹的酒吧聚集的St. Gery 广场看看。St. Gery广场以一个旧时的带顶棚的市场命名。广场虽然很小,但是周围都是各种小酒吧,是过来放松娱乐的好地方,是城市里很有特色的地方。