Nostalgic tour in Brussels TrainWorld

I went for a nostalgic tour in the Train World yesterday. Are you also a train lover? Then this cool museum in Brussels is for sure something for you, even if you are not a big fan of museums.


Trainworld is a big museum, part of it is located in the original Flemish neo-renaissance style station building of Schaarbeek, which is not used anymore for operational purposes. I was passing by this station everyday for a year and didn’t realize it completely turned into a museum nowadays.

Schaerbeek station used to be a most important station in Belgium. It was used as a departure point for all the international trains to South France and Italy(now all international trains move to Brussels midi :D). Nowadays it is only a regional train stop.

Once you get the tickets, which are reprints of old tickets with bar codes, there is cafe which is a cool replica of a 1930s waiting room.

The first hall is a typical nineteenth century construction. Old ticket hall turned into an exhibition room.

Here you get to see how the ticket hall of old days looks like.

I loved those costumes.

Although Brussels is almost completely French-speaking (official bilingual, but officially :p), in the old days, the Dutch language seems more common used here in the Station of Schaerbeek.

Inside the exhibition Hall 2-4 there is the collection of old steam, diesel and electric locomotives displayed nicely. Entering the first hall feels like entering the history. There are quite a lot of locomotive, steam and electric engines as well as some equipment that was used in the past.

Let’s all get on the train

They wrote “roken” differently long time ago.

The great collection is also in in a great setting, which make the museum alive.

How luxury was defined in the past. In the luxurious train, you can get a beautiful pot of tea, and some crab snacks.

I think I might like the old trans-Europe express trains which completely stopped running in 1995.

Trainworld is super huge and you can easily spend 2 hours in it. It was an enjoyable and educational experience for me, as a traveler and train lover. I think it is great for all ages. I highly recommend it to you. If you come visit Brussels one day, don’t miss it as it is easily accessible by train or tram from the center.