Winter Solstice in Brugge | Winter Glow 2020

Haven’t been to Brugge for a while, normally only go there whenever friends come visit from abroad, they love to see Brugge. I actually kinda like the town as well, even though it’s so so so touristy.

This year we get a free train pass to use, as a way to boost domestic travels. I haven’t used it much since they closed the cafes and restaurants. It’s not so pleasant to stay outside sightseeing the whole day, without even being able to warm up a bit in an café. Still, I went to Brugge for its Xmas lights yesterday, since it was the last dry and mild day of 2020(!)

This year, visit Brugge did a Winter Glow even, a bit similar like the light festival in Brussels previous years.

More pics of Winter Glow 2020 Brugge

Happy Winter Solstice, bright days are coming.