Brussels’ Winter Wonderland

Brussels has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. Every year around one month before Christmas, there is this winter wonderland in town, Christmas market being part of it. The winter wonderland also includes a nightly sound-and-light show on the most beautiful Grand Place and stalls surrounding the Bourse and along the Sainte Catherine square.

Christmas market in Brussels starts much earlier than in my little city. It is already my 6th Christmas here in Belgium, I still haven’t gotten tired of it. I always love the atmosphere during this time of the year especially after two years ago, they made the main street Anspachlaan completely car-free.

Lights surrounding the Bourse (former stock exchange building).

This year they added an Mongolian theme, with shops installed in the Mongolian traditional yurts. Inside it was a Mongolian handicraft shop. I wonder how much Belgians know about Mongolian culture and how much they can learn from some simple stalls, anyway it could still be a good initiative. Funny thing is the yurt itself was also for sale, maybe I should have bought it since it looks big and cozy. My only problem is to find a place to place it in Belgium.

An exotic stall in our European capital.

In Europe many countries have Christmas but you can only find Chouffe Coffee in some Belgian cities and this is my absolute favorite. Chouffe Coffee is a kind of coffee taste liqueur (25%) that is served warm with fresh cream. I just bought a bottle today. Will make a detailed post when I get some time.

Do you like the Christmas tree of this year in the Grand Place of Brussels? I think they look pretty much the same every year, except in 2012 when I just arrived Belgium. I was thinking, wow, what a creative country, using such a cool and modern tree (see the right pic above)! I loved and missed that tree.

However it turned out to be just an experiment and back then every one hated it, so it couldn’t survive another year afterwards.

Do you also prefer the modern one, like me?




圣诞市场有一些各国小吃,手工艺品,我就不一一发图片了,但是有一个饮料很值得一提,叫做Chouffe Coffee,在各国的圣诞市场卖的东西大同小异,热狗,薯条,热红酒等等……但是这个Chouffe Coffee只有比利时有,而且还不是所有城市都有。这是个25酒精度左右的咖啡味烈酒,通常直接加温,上面淋上鲜奶油,超好喝。Chouffe酿酒厂的标志就是个树林里的小矮人,可见也是圣诞限定呢。我买了一瓶回家,下次有朋友来家里聚会一起喝。