Windy Brussels Canal

Belgium is one of those European countries that get super windy in the winter, same as all our neighbour countries near the Nord Zee, the Nederlands, and Britain for sure, and not to forget the most windy Ireland. T_T Many countries in the continent are cold during the winter, but not all are windy like this, when one of my friends from Switzerland came visit, she felt lucky that it is only cold but not windy where she lives.

I basically avoid going outside in such weather unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I think wearing something colorful in the dark, gloomy winter should be good for the mood. I’m kind of person who easily gets SAD when lack of sunshine.

I got my hotpink suede biker in a thrift shop. These days I barely buy any clothes when I figure out I rarely go outside, don’t need a lot of them anyway.

Every now and then I do check out some thrift shop while bring some old clothes there. Happy about it as it’s warm and still in a good condition.

Photos taken in the windy Brussels Canal, once shady rundown district turning the city’s coolest arty/nightlife neighbourhood.

Welcome to rainy and windy Belgium.