Paris is always a good idea!

I live in Belgium and for me a city trip in Paris is always something to do. We have this Thalys train and its cheaper version Izy train between Brussels and Paris. There are many Parisians living in Brussels and vice versa, besides these regular commuters, we love travelling to Paris. It’s a city that you can never finish exploring. I always try to stay in different neighbourhoods, in order to see more areas of the city.

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「Vlog」Beautiful Belgian Sunday with @Liflorence

If you already read Li @liflorence‘s post, you must already have the impression that my city Leuven is quite lovely. I’ve been living here since I came here for my study more than 5 years ago. It is so small that it is impossible not to know every corner of it through and through. I showed Li the university library of KULeuven. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I only come to this stunning library to study once in a blue moon.

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Scenic Swiss train ride to Lake St. Moritz

Hello, Steemit friends, a few days no see. How are you guys? I’m having a great time in Switzerland with @liflorence. We went hiking in different mountain areas. It brings back all my memories of Switzerland from 5 years ago when I did my first Euro-trip, the scenic train ride, glaciers, lovely street, friendly Swiss people. And most importantly, the accompany of Li. I can talk the whole day long about her, about our travel plan, hometown, common hobbies, etc.

有几天没来Steemit了,因为跟Li玩得在瑞士很开心,经常聊到忘了时间。这几天,我们去了不同的山区登山看风景。让我会想去5年前一个人进行的欧洲旅行。 当时就被瑞士的田园牧歌所感动,而这次的旅行除了再一次体验了穿越瑞士的景观火车,看了冰川,感受瑞士的金秋时节。更重要的是有了Li的陪伴,Li知道很多瑞士的文化,跟我讲了很多。我们情投意合,可以一直不停的聊天。

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Hotpot dinner at @liflorence’s house in Thalwil, Switzerland. 去瑞士找Li吃火锅

The other day we discussed in @laodr about meetup with friends we meet online. Today I met @liflorence, finally here in Zurich. We’ve never met before but we were talking since long time ago when we were planning to move to Europe. It’s been so long already.

Li is super nice, she gave me a warm welcome in Zurich station. I felt so refreshed after a long journey. It feels a bit unreal to meet her in person. I think it’s been 5 years since last time when I was in Zurich. Nothing much has changed here. Now it is around Octoberfest time so there are some special decorations for it.



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