BTC 10k!

BTC finally across 10K! It’s been a really really long time in crypto space. I remember last time I saw such number was over a year ago?

Summer is here in Belgium, yesterday was mid-summer day. What about crypto Summer? Also coming?

Meanwhile now you can become a Steem orca with just 2 BTC.

Not sure weather we should be happy or sad.

I don’t have that much Steem, so I guess just keep posting and wish for the best?

HF21 is coming, I’m overall positive about it, at least I believe changes for Steem are good at the moment.

Happy weekend Steemit friends!

Walking the K-Star Road

Do you like K-pop? Then Seoul has a couple of places you must go. I’m not a big fan of K-pop but I have a friend he is, so I went to SM Town to find him something small as gift. I think I made a post or vlog about SM town already! I think K-star road is less interesting, because it’s just a bunch of different colored bears in Gangnam, but maybe they have special meanings to K-pop fans, when I was in Gangnam I took some pictures there.

the beginning of the road

Since I look like an awkward fake K-pop fan I won’t take picture with all the toy bears.

nice color they choose to pave the road.

Jongmyo Shrine in Seoul

In Seoul there are a lot of shrines, I didn’t visit a lot, I think only visited this one because that day didn’t plan much.

Jongmyo Shrine was built in 1395 and it houses 49 tablets and 19 chambers of its past kings. Quite large per size. It also has the longest wooden buildings in East Asia.

Square in front of the shrine that you can see Nansam tower.

Korean uncles playing go in the park near the shrine.

I love spring time in Seoul.

They were preparing some culture performance that day, soon after my visit, they closed some part of the shrine, so I can’t go closer. Otherwise I could have taken more close-up pictures. I guess you will have to go to Seoul to admire this beauty.

Little garden.