After almost 3 years of circlejerking and shitposting on this chain, finally I reached Rep 75 today

Hello Steemit friends,

After my hard efforts on shitposting and circlejerking for such a long time, I reached rep of 75 on Steem.

On my early days on Steem, I remember looking up to people above 70 rep and made it my goal. I could never imagine one day I can ever reach there.

But after a year or two, things changed, extremely high rep users aren’t role models any more, instead, you can check the rep ranking somewhere on some steem tools, it becomes a bad thing instead of good.

I kinda hesitate to make a post celebrate it nowadays, as every time I celebrate rep, it meant how good I’m at shitposting, circle jerking and such.

Today I made it here, since I made it here I’d like to talk about shitposting.

Shitpost is an art, especially on steem nowadays. I can bs a few longer paragraphs to make a post look longer and better, but actually for such post, I can also simply write “I reached 75 rep.” Simple and to-the-point, and most importantly I won’t waste your precious time if I do so, but then it looks bad for people to vote.

Sometimes I feel it’s silly you need to come up with something BS just in order to get some easy autovotes, for me I love social media so it’s not a problem to shitpost, but maybe for others it’s a headache I don’t really know.

So dear Content Creators: you really think what we post here is worth the amount you see, even though it’s already much lower than before at Steem’s current price?

I don’t think so.

Can HF change the way we behave?

If so, will it really reflect in Steem price?

Can Steem catch the next bull run, so we all be rich?

We’ll see.

Yet one thing I don’t doubt is that I’m a fantastic shitposter, I guess on Steem finally I used that talent.


Thanks for reading.

Why steemit still shows 74? Kick kick!