Superior mask and the most beautiful woman in Silakoro, Côte d’Ivoire (20+ pictures)

In previous posts and vlogs, I introduced the traditional masked Stilt Dance in Côte d’Ivoire.

Here I finally selected some pictures I took that day, hope they can present a better picture of the dance and the masks for you guys!

The dance has 4 parts: the first part being the grown up guys dancing; the second, the most beautiful women dancing; the third, the superior mask that above all the masks; the fourth is the stilt high mask.


Chief and some important guys of the village.

Drummers and local women getting ready for men’s performance.

Grown up men dancing

Had to pour some water on the ground, otherwise it can get so dusty when they dance.

The most beautiful woman in the village

The Superior Mask

The superior mask represent stability. Côte d’Ivoire is famous for its mask making, in many tribes, they make their special mask. Here you can find all kinds of traditional masked dances theoughout CI.

The High Mask

The last one is also the most important one, symbol of the village and a very famous mask in CI: the High Mask on Stilt.

Masks can’t communicate directly with people, so they need a special “translator” with them to talk to people.

The dance is performed by the whole village, pretty awesome, everyone was so excited.

I recommended you to visit one of those traditional villages in West Africa, they are cool and authentic, wonderful experiences.

Stained glasses inside Yamoussoukro Basilica

As I mentioned in my previous vlog, Yamoussoukro Basilica is a weird place, more of a useless megalomania. It has the world’s biggest dome of all the churches. As the biggest basilica in the continent, with the size of Vatican Basilica, there’re only some odd tourists coming to visit.

With all the money that probably could better spent in improving life quality of some locals living around this huge beautiful neat area, they built such a masterpiece, which of course also expensive to maintain definately. Probably I should shut up since I paid the entrance, so I’m kinda supporting their tourism business in the building as well, yet I doubt they could get the business going forever with just a few tourists per day.

Nevertheless, I can’t deny it’s great from architecture point of view. The stained glasses inside Yamoussoukro Basilica are stunning. Atheist myself, I don’t have much feeling for churches. I think the details of this church is nice even after seeing so many amazing churches in Europe.

My visit yo this basilica was a bit depressing, thinking how useless it is. Still I think a lot of visitors really liked it, so here are some pictures I took.

Pano photo taken from upstairs.

Strange thing was that you are not allowed to walk around freely, had to follow a guide. The guide was friendly, but I didn’t like that I wasn’t allowed to walk by myself, but had to follow the group.

Also pictures only allowed from the second floor, I understand if there were a lot of prayers downstairs and they don’t want to be disturbed. Byt there were only a few of them anyway.

OK, complained enough, now some photos.

Hugest dome ever.

Some detailed stained glass pictures.

Belgium is freezing now, I miss Africa!

These week has been the coldest week in Belgium this year. Do you know how cold it is? It’s freezing.

Freezing and snowy the whole week. Haven’t seen snow yet, I don’t mind snow but winter in Belgium is normally cold and rainy.

Now I’m only hoping te next days will see snow, while missing sunny Africa at the same time.

I guess at this point more tropical pictures won’t do harm, I believe everyone in cold countries will agree with me.

Photos taken at Assinie beach, Côte d’Ivoire, really relaxing place!

Rainforest and butterflies 🦋

Near New Debiso, there is an area of rainforest in the Bia National Park. New Debiso is a tiny little village in Ghana, around 10 km from Debiso, not far from CI-Ghana border.

West Africa isn’t the best place to see the animals, except in Benin, other countries it’s not easy to find BIG 5. That’s probably also the reason that hold people back from visiting the region, no many animals, the beach isn’t the most stunning, plus the language barriers, why should we visit West Africa indeed? I might make a post about this question I get from friends later.

It wasn’t even rain season, during rain season you can see quite a lot of butterflies in the rainforest. But still during the trakking, I got to spot some butterflies.

Even though it wasn’t rain season, there were still quite a few of them flying around. Besides butterflies there wasn’t much to see. But you can stay in a guesthouse in the park, which isn’t bad and the owner is super nice.

Have a good Monday, although I heard this Monday is the most depressive Monday in the year.