Recap SteemFest3 + photo drop

While seeing all the recap posts for this years these two days, I didn’t feel it ends until today. On my way back to Belgium now.

It was great and I had a lot of fun. Thanks! I think I already dropped some of the photos the past few days, here are some more 🙂

I’m sure you guys all enjoyed using steemhunt and @tasteem, it was great to meet the founders of these two awesome apps, @project7 and Travis.

Victoria @bugavi and Olga @olga.maslievich, I was following your story of travelling to Poland from you getting the visa to the bus trip on Steem and it was great to meet you two in person. And Victoria, your English is good, you don’t have to worry.

@greencross @anahilarski, @neopch, @roxane, @tasteem…, we love the boat and we are captains lol

@anahilarski, I hope you guys enjoy your Eurotrip and all the best with future project!

@steemcafe, you are always great fun.

@stoodkev, you too, so much fun! See you in Tainan!

CN community gathering! @partiko @travelgirl!

@rea, I can always laugh to tears with you. Remember “refill” and that dance? Haha

I’ll find out soon how travelling in West Africa will be like and thanks for the great advice, @surf-yogi

You are a star @coruscate, it was so great finally meet you in person!

@world-travel-pro, that “travel pro” selfie finally!

@greencross @kevinli @steemmatt, why’s this photo like this, whats wrong with the color?

I’m happy that I had to extend my trip to spend some time with Team Malaysia, @joannewong @elizacheng @bitrocker2020 @aaronleang, you guys arr awesome, I hope to meet you guys in KL maybe next year?

Of course not to forget te legendary @nathanmars and @ddaily fam!

Probably many more photos I already included in the previous posts. And also there’re many more awesome Steemians I hope I had some photos to post here: @daveonarrival @jrvacation @suesa @kevinwong @demotruk @abh12345 @lizanomadsoul @ramengirl @timsaid @shogo @yoshiko @knozaki2015 @kinokimochi @anomadsoul @firepower, @gtg @steembirds and more…

Nice meeting you guys and sinxe I love travelling, maybe see you guys somewhere.

My Steem Ambassador Application – bring Steem everywhere in the world!

After I read my Steemit friend, @future24, was applying Steem ambassador yesterday, I feel it’s a great idea, look at how amazing his post is! Now I decide to apply for Steem Ambassador myself.

In case you don’t know me, I’m Joy, born in China, living in Belgium, with a background both in IT and tourism. I’m happy I discovered Steem two years ago and started a lifestyle of travelling and promoting Steem everywhere I go.

Me, Steem and the world 😀

Me, Steem and Rock Werchter, you can find the full festival report here and my live streaming here.

I’m lucky to have a happy and comfortable life, during my first 2-3 years stay in Europe, I’ve travelled to every single country in Europe. Recently years I get more interested in travelling to less developed regions, which, in tourism, we call “Global South“. I’m always fascinated how different life can be and how amazing people are all over the world.

I think it’s easier to get people there to start using Steem. In many countries, a 2ish$ payout can buy a meal or even more. 

Big shoutout to @surfyogi and his @wafrica project. West Africa is an area I always want to visit and I’m going there this year, tickets already booked! Looking forward to meet @mcsamm and Ghana team!

At the moment, I’m also slowly planning a world trip, thinking it could the best chance for me to promote Steem worldwide.

Having fun with Steemians last at SF2 in Lisbon, I believe this year SF3 is going to be awesome as well!

I just booked the ticket the other day to Krakow, which means I’m on the roadtosteemfest

To sum up, this is my Steem Ambassador Application above. 

I’m looking forward to promote Steem to more people all over the world! 

Beautiful Sunday: Bring some Steem to the picnic park!

Hi, Steemians! 

Finally it cools down…. a bit in Belgium, by which I mean it is no longer 30+ degrees, but a comfy 28 degree Sunday. After always staying at home during the day for quite a while, today finally I feel like going outside. There’s this Picnic Park in town, so many people came to the park, enjoying beautiful summer Sunday! 

Pop-up book car

Tea set for the high tea.

Meanwhile bringing some Steem. 

I love this DIY straw hat with sequin letters (not made by me though lol). 

Perfect for the summer picnic or beach holidays, and it bring Steem everywhere!

Have a good Sunday, Steemit friends!

WooHoo! I finally reach Rep 71. Thanks all!!

I remember reaching Rep 70 right after my Central Asia trip and it took more than 4 months to reach that rep. Back then I could never believe 71 is coming much faster than from 69 to 70!

It was a great journey in the past 2 months. Thanks to all that has ever dropped by, left comments and gave me whatever amount of support! 

So, in case you don’t know what I’ve been up to on Steem (since I’ve never really written a proper self-introduction :D):

  • Inspired by Steemit news star @reseller (You don’t know who he is? check out his Steem Minute News show, it was great!), I started doing a daily news show in Chinese two months ago, reporting some interesting news of Steem on a (almost) daily basis. I hope my new reporting skill can get better and better throughout time! 
  • It was a honour to become Steemhunt influencer, I’m curating Steemhunt posts often lately and trying to motivate excellent hunters.
  • I’ve been blogging and will blog about my travels, my biggest passion regarding travelling is the least discovered part of the world, say, West Africa and Central Asia. I’m planning a Round-The-World trip, hopefully within 2 years. 

Some of my past travels, map generated with @steemitworldmap. 

Lately crypto is pretty low, so I decide not to travel much until SF3, then after that I’m going to travel to multiple parts of Africa, Zanzibar, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana (or Liberia?) As I always prefer to explore developing countries, my ultimate goal is also to bring Steem to these parts of the world. 

Again, Thanks everyone!!!!


前天从柏林回来,发现我的Steem声望变成了71,每次都很巧,差不多都是旅行回来升级…… 记得上回升级是从中亚回来,当时花了差不多4个半月,没想到这次居然比上次快了一些。其实去年年底11月的时候,我对升级都不太抱有希望了,因为当时币价跟现在一样低迷。所以现在回头看,真的觉得已经是太好运了,碰上了Dapp的一些机会。

最近币价很低,从现在到SteemFest,我打算省点钱,暂时不出门大旅行了。说来也有意思,以前我只要有一些小钱,就会想着买张机票或者买条好看的裙子什么的,自从去年春天卖了很多Dash去南美旅游,错失了后来Dash飙升,错过了几十万,我就变的对买机票也很小心了,尽量不卖币…… 现在我衣服也都懒得买,看来加密货币居然让我变成一个极简主义的人,挺好的!





– Joy