BTC 10k!

BTC finally across 10K! It’s been a really really long time in crypto space. I remember last time I saw such number was over a year ago?

Summer is here in Belgium, yesterday was mid-summer day. What about crypto Summer? Also coming?

Meanwhile now you can become a Steem orca with just 2 BTC.

Not sure weather we should be happy or sad.

I don’t have that much Steem, so I guess just keep posting and wish for the best?

HF21 is coming, I’m overall positive about it, at least I believe changes for Steem are good at the moment.

Happy weekend Steemit friends!

MEOS? – the potential Steem2.0 on EOS?

Dan Larimer was talking about building a Steem 2.0 on EOS last summer, now the winter is almost over, I found this trademark via a friend.

Of course it’s only a trademark, but according to its statement: “social networking, electronic media sharing, etc”, sound pretty much like a social media platform, aka, the STEEM 2.0 Dan Larimer was talking about? registered this trademark on 2018-07-26 already.

I’m no EOS believer, just sharing the news here.

MarketFriday|Market in Debiso, Ghana

Debiso is a small town in the East of Ghana near the border with Côte d’Ivoire.

African market is always fun, even though they look rather similar everywhere, at least in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. There’s always a lot going on!

The small town is also full of market. I’m sharing some pictures with you.

I remember in the pot was chicken, sauce and fufu.

Sunset time

I forgot what those lady were selling haha.

Chicken seller.

Snack, made of rice, pure rice, not so much other taste.


Market. censored @thedarkoverlord? Steemit审核敏感账号?怎么回事?

The other day I saw someone resteemed a couple of posts with the title “Press Release 04 – “9/11 Papers” MegaLeak Checkpoint”, written by @thedarkoverlord.

I haven’t got time yet to check those posts out. Honestly politics doesn’t really interest me that much either. But when I decided to check the account out today, I found out deleted the account, or more precisely, censored it.

See at

But it’s Steem blockchain, nothing can be deleted. That’s the beauty of Steem, and

Steem is not Steemit

Because you can still reach the page via for example,

and more other UIs as well.

I still haven’t read those posts yet, but my point is:

Steem is not Steemit! 

We all know that already, but today I finally feel it! 今天我发现Steemit审核了thedarkoverlord这个账号,这个账号前两天泄露了一些911的文件。

我对政治不是很感兴趣,看到有人转发,记了一下这件事,今天忽然又想到这个账号,于是打开一看,居然提醒不存在。 我一想怎么可能呢?Steem不是很区块链吗,怎么能删除?

于是我立马查了steemd和busy,才放心,果然在steemd和busy前端还是可以显示的。 这大概就是Steem去中心化厉害的地方,就是Steemit审核也没有,其他UI还是可以显示。 不是一直说Steem不是很Steemit吗,今天终于感受到了。