I’m sharing some pictures taken in Tainan.

So far all the cities I’ve seen in Taiwan appear to be quite chill, not much going on. There are quite a few motorbikes on the street but traffic is no where near Vietnam level.

Appartments on the way to the beach

Anping beach, not much infrastructure near the beach except for some street vendors, which is a good thing.

Cloudy East Coast |TAIWAN | 東海岸多雲☁️

I imagined Taiwan to be one of those sub-tropical islands with endless sun and humid breeze. But right now it’s still the short rain season, what I see are endless clouds.

Beach in Taitung reminds me of the beach in Île de Ré or in Karakol, or any beach that is not so developed in tourism, meaning not many beach bars, etc, which is a good thing I believe.

Interesting bridge, there was someone singing some 80s songs on the bridge.

Greetings from Taiwan!

Hello greetings from Taiwan. I can’t believe I had never been to this cute sweet potato shaped island before.

Now I’m here! Feels a bit strange hearing everyone speaking your own language again, yet everything is also quite different from China haha.

Sometimes I have to listen carefully to understand some words, due to the Taiwan accent…hm…I thought I could be more used to their accent as I’ve watched so many Taiwanese dramas and TV shows in middle school ^^

Kinda different than I thought, less modern than I thought and less busy too, maybe because I’m not in Taipei yet.

Some random street shots before I discover more. It’s apparently the short East Asia rainy season at the moment. It will last one week or two, so I guess I won’t have a sunny Taiwan trip then, but it’s OK!

Stay tuned ^^