Trains around Taiwan

If you follow my blog, you must have known that I love travelling by train.

In Taiwan they have regular trains around the island. I guess it’s pretty easy to figure it out, because if all the trains go around the island, then there are basically only two kinds of trains right? Or maybe also some other ones that stop in smaller towns but anyway, travelling in Taiwan by train is easy and comfortable.

vintage vibes

tour around island

Random views from the train

Ice dessert in Taiwan

In Taiwan you find shaved ice shops everywhere. For someone with lactoce intolerance, this is perfect dessert for a warm day.

You can add all kinds of toppings, red bean, green bean (I know for some people, dessert with beans sound weird but I love it), fruit, taro ball, pudding, etc.

Fruit pudding shaved ice

Mango ice cream topping




I’m sharing some pictures taken in Tainan.

So far all the cities I’ve seen in Taiwan appear to be quite chill, not much going on. There are quite a few motorbikes on the street but traffic is no where near Vietnam level.

Appartments on the way to the beach

Anping beach, not much infrastructure near the beach except for some street vendors, which is a good thing.

Cloudy East Coast |TAIWAN | 東海岸多雲☁️

I imagined Taiwan to be one of those sub-tropical islands with endless sun and humid breeze. But right now it’s still the short rain season, what I see are endless clouds.

Beach in Taitung reminds me of the beach in Île de Ré or in Karakol, or any beach that is not so developed in tourism, meaning not many beach bars, etc, which is a good thing I believe.

Interesting bridge, there was someone singing some 80s songs on the bridge.